Virginia Housing Coalition has created maps and graphics with the data produced by the National Low Income Housing Coalition showing housing affordability in Virginia.

Here are some highlights from this year’s report:Southeastern US - 2014-2

  • Renters in Virginia need to earn $20.93 an hour to be able to afford a 2-bedroom apartment at fair market rent. The typical renter in Virginia earns $15.97 per hour, which is $4.96 less than Virginia’s Housing Wage.
  • The Housing Wage in Virginia is over 2 dollars more than the National Housing Wage of $18.92
  • Virginia has the highest Housing Wage of all the states in Southeastern United States and is the 10th least affordable state in the nation.
  • Working at the minimum wage in Virginia, a family must have 2.9 wage earners working full time, or one wage earner working 115 hours per week to afford a modest 2-bedroom apartment.

Click here to view the full report that includes maps showing how the housing wage varies across the state, percent of renters that cannot afford a modest unit in different localities and the number of hours per week a minimum wage earner must work to be able to afford a modest unit, among other affordability measures.

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