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New Orleans – homeownership production. HDA assisted Providence Community Housing with the development of a single family production business plan in selected neighborhoods in the wake of hurricane Katrina’s devastation of the city. The plan focused on the resources needed to build a high scale production capability that would be coordinated with an outreach, marketing, financing and homebuyer readiness effort.





Pathways – neighborhood revitalization in Petersburg –
Assisting Pathways in developing a focused single family production effort that combines new construction and acquisition/rehabilitation. Working with a team of local planners and architects, identified the target site for a high impact project in a community that is beginning to “gentrify” with the redevelopment of warehouse and factory buildings into higher end lofts. The target single family project is a key strategy in providing opportunities for low and moderate income working families in the neighborhood to be able to stay.


planning_r18_c3 Delaware Rural Housing Consortium – Asset management. Developed multifamily asset management plans for six rural non-profit housing developers operating in Delaware. Conducted asset management training sessions for staff and Boards. The purpose of the effort is to provide tools to the organizations to enable them to protect their multifamily assets and ensure that the projects continue to provide good housing to residents for many years. One aspect of the work was to propose that certain functions be combined / coordinated in order to take advantage of scale opportunities.



planning_r22_c3 planning_r24_c8EarthCraft Virginia – EarthCraft Virginia is a program that provides a template for green and sustainable development with a rigorous third party certification. The program was introduced to Virginia in 2005 as a spin off of the model originally developed and implemented in Atlanta, Georgia. The program covers both single family and multifamily housing and has been adopted as a standadrd for the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program in Virginia. After rapid growth in its early years EarthCraft asked HDA to develop a five year business plan that would help it to define its lines of business, set pricing for its products and develop production and growth goals. HDAs assessments and financial projections have helped EarthCraft to continue to move forward and establish itself as Virginia’s premier green building program.

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