Corridor RenderingPetersburg – HDAdvisors produced a comprehensive study of the corridor formed by Canal and Fleet streets in Petersburg, Virginia. This corridor is heavily traveled and connects the City and the growing campus of Virginia State University, and HDA recommends significant infrastructure improvements as well as beautification and blight removal. The development strategy focuses on promoting a mix of commercial, residential, and recreational uses in the corridor. Also important is a collaboration with VSU to create new construction and better serve the community as well as students and visitors of the University.


revitalization_r6_c2  revitalization_r6_c11

Martinsville – HDA led a team of consultants working to develop a plan for the revitalization of the “Uptown” area – Martinsville’s historic business district and the formation and launch of a community development corporation that would take the lead in future downtown development activities. The work focused on the development of community leadership teams that lead to a community wide “Vision Day” for Uptown. Following the development of the vision, the team developed an economic restructuring strategy and a physical master plan for the district. The CDC was created and a national search conducted for an Executive Director. Successful grant writing resulted in over $2 million being invested in the first phase of the project’s implementation.


revitalization_r11_c2  revitalization_r11_c12Lawrenceville Revitalization – Teamed with Craddock & Cunningham to explore the feasibility of two mixed use projects in downtown Lawrenceville. Developed a plan for a mixed use revitalization of the original Peebles Department store building – combining a bookstore and coffee shop jointly operated by two area colleges with upper floor housing designed for faculty and University staff.


revitalization_r18_c3  revitalization_r17_c8







Honaker – Developed an economic restructuring plan and downtown revitalization master plan for the Town of Honaker through the CDBG planning grant program. Utilized VHDA planning grant to explore the feasibility of two downtown buildings for conversion to mixed use projects. Downtown redevelopment now underway with the assistance of CDBG, Tobacco Commission and Coalfield Economic Development Commission funding.

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