Virginia Housing Coalition – HDA has assisted the Coalition in building grassroots support for its legislative agenda as well as managing the campaign for a statewide Housing Trust Fund. HDA provides communication and collateral material support to educate Coalition members on policy matters and on General Assembly issues and actions. HDA also designed and implemented the National Community Stabilization Trust program for Virginia. A VHC subsidiary was created to allow foreclosed properties to flow to local governments and non-profit organizations through a national aggregator. HDA staffed this program effort for the Coaliton that provided a valuable service to Coalition partners who were operating HUD’s Neighborhood Stabilization Program.

Visit their website at:  http://www.thevirginiahousingcoalition.org


Thomas Jefferson Community Land Trust – HDA is housing_r16_c3providing development support to
Virginia’s first active community land trust. The trust is launching its first project in 2011 and HDA is providing consulting services to manage the acquisition, rehabilitation and financing for the project. The Land Trust hopes to have the first Trust project occupied by the end of 2011. HDA is also seeking development financing for the Trust as well as negotiating long term mortgage conditions for CLT purchasers.


housing_r6_c19 housing_r10_c18 Housing Virginia – HDA heads a team of consultants that have provided staffing services for this statewide non-profit that supports and encourages affordable housing development. Since 2009, HDA has launched a series of initiatives that have made Housing Virginia a leader in the housing policy development and education. The SOURCEBOOK was launched in 2010 which is a web based resource for individuals and organizations seeking accurate and up to date data on affordable housing in their communities. The SOURCEBOOK is a result of collaboration between Housing Virginia, the Virginia Association of Realtors and the Center for Housing Research at Virginia Tech. Housing Virginia also sponsors research studies and uses them to launch community conversations about key policy concerns. For example, a recent study on Jobs, Transportation and Affordable Housing is being used to stimulate local dialogue around changing land use development patterns.

Visit their website at:  http://www.housingvirginia.org

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